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Apex Property Inventories are a dedicated provider of property inventory service, since 2014. Apex Property Inventories, offer an independent, impartial and professional inventory service with a highly dedicated team of trained inventory clerks throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Kent and Suffolk.


Choosing Apex Property Inventories as your provider of independent inventories will allow you to provide your landlords and tenants with the assurance that their inventories are produced by...


Letting Agents

Regardless of how carefully you choose your tenants and reference the tenant’s history, it is very likely that some damage will be caused to your property and furnishings. The first...


Councils Housing Association

At Apex Property Inventories we understand that local councils and housing associations use private landlords to house tenants. When doing so, a deposit bond is...



We know that moving home can be stressful and overwhelming, so allow us to deal with all the documents relating to your check-in, leaving you to deal with more important things like...


What we offer?


Apex Property Inventories will act as an independent inventory provider to the instructing party. We aim to give peace of mind to both landlords and tenants by ensuring that the inventory reports we produce are impartial and independent. This gives landlords the ability to make a claim against the deposit bond where appropriate and provides the landlords...


Check ins

At the beginning of a new tenancy, a check in report is prepared. This report is usually done just before the new occupants move into the let property, however it can be done on the same day if required. The original inventory report must already be prepared, with each item on the original inventory checked and the condition of the property ...


Mid term inspection

A mid term inspection is done part way during the tenancy period to identify if the property requires any repair work or maintenance done. The inspection looks at the condition of the property, reviews the contents and addresses any issues that there may be. Apex property inventories will provide photographs to accompany the mid term inspection.


Check outs

At the end of a tenancy, a check out report is provided. This report is done after the tenant has moved out and before any further repairs and maintenance is done to the property. The report helps to assess the condition and contents of the property compared to the original inventory, check in and mid term inspection reports, to see if there has...


About Us

We at Apex Property Inventories pride ourselves in providing a meticulous and market leading inventory service, since 2014.

We have a dedicated team who are highly trained to identify and record specific details in a thorough manner. This helps to ensure our clients that should a dispute arise then they can rely on their inventory document to be produced by us, to be robust and fit for purpose.