Apex property inventories will provide Letting Agents with a comprehensive and detailed inventory check in and check-out report that is fit for purpose.

At Apex Property Inventories we understand that your day to day operations require a hassle free inventory service that is constant and reliable. This helps to reflect the level of your professionalism to your clients. Inventory check in and check out reports are an essential part of a letting agent’s business to ensure that your landlords and tenants start and finish their tenancy agreements well and under good terms. We understand this and aim to make this a smooth transition process.

Choosing Apex Property Inventories as your provider of independent inventories will allow you to provide your landlords and tenants with the assurance that their inventories are produced by an independent and impartial party. We will take care of the whole inventory check in and check out process for you, freeing up your time for clients.

All our inventory clerks have been extensively trained to and above industry standard, to guarantee you a market leading service.